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Our History

On the year 1958 Mrs. Pacey from U.K. came to judge Canine Club of Ceylon dog show and suggested to them to start a Ladies Kennel Association similar to LKA of England. This was the inspiration for the creation of LKA, then the Ladies Kennel Association of Ceylon was started on 15th January 1959. During this time there were many dog clubs in the world.

The founder was 29 years old and she together with 50 Ladies formed the Kennel Association. She Was instrumental in getting dog lovers, providing application forms etc. which continued till 2011

The LKA started with 51 Members and in 1960 it had a membership of 169 ladies and 20 gentlemen, registered exhibitors. Rs.10/= per annum was charged as membership fees. Though membership was restricted to ladies gentlemen were encouraged to show their dog as registered exhibitors.

Then there were many shows organized by LKA. The next milestone came in 1990 when LKA invited Japanese judge Mr. ToyosakaKarigabu to judge their show. At this point it was suggested that the term “ladies” be dropped and the Association changed its name as “Kennel Association of Sri Lanka”.

The KASL Supports good breed standards of dogs. The breed of dog must conform to the relevant FCI standard.

The new leadership is now taking over to make the Association face the challenges of a new era.