Treasurer Message

Treasurer Message

It is my pleasure to express few words to all our patrons who have been with us throughout our "Achievements" and making their utmost support to reach our "Goals".

I firmly believe, "Love" is a four legged word as I have been a pooch lover since I was a little girl. Dogs are our pets who are very sensitive and need care, love and attention. To be a true dogs lover you should have the ability to understand their needs and wants and provide at the right time. Especially they don't have a voice to raise.

Presently, I maintain the Prime Royal Kennel and have ten pooches whom I regard as my own children. I breed Golden Retrievers and Basset Hounds. Golden Retrievers are very proud, loving in their nature and Basset Hounds are stubborn and hard as a rock. They have become the champions many times in numerous events conducted by the KASL. No wonder their pups have followed their foot steps too. It is my sincere request to all our veteran organizations to spread awareness of pure bred dogs in SriLanka and organize numerous canine shows in every year.

I take this opportunity to thank the dedicated Committee of the KASL for their tireless commitment and team work displayed towards organizing the " 85th All Breed Championship Show 2016" a success. With no doubt, all our efforts and team work have been inspiring and I look positively towards our future years.

May I also invite all our Dog Lovers to join their hands with us to continue effectively towards achieving our Goals.

I remain,

Mrs. Thushari Brahammanage
Hony. Treasurer
Kennel Association of Sri Lanka