Secretary Message

Secretary Message

I am honored to express few words to our Dog Lovers in Sri Lanka

“Dog is the only friend, who is absolutely unselfish, that a man can have in this selfishthat a man can have in this selfish world. The one that never desert you in your life”

I am a professional dog handler and a member who took over my assignment as the secretary of the KASL in the year 2016. I recalled how I began as a breeder and developed with all my attributes as a professional dog handler who has won many championships recognized nationally and internationally.

My messages to all the newcomers, if you have a passion for canines, do follow it. I will give all the support and cooperation required in all possible ways. It is entirely up to the fellow members to take this association to new heights, and I believe we can achieve this together with my committee and our supporters to grow up to the international standards.

I Wish you, all the very best.

Viraj Fernando
Hon. Secretary